Need to copy eCampus course content from your old course to the new eCampus 9.1 server?

Here are the steps to move content in eCampus:
1. Do you already have a template for your content?  (ex. TEMPLATE-ENGL-1301-DAMRON)
If yes, go to question 2
If no, you will need to create a template for the course content.
Use this form to request a template: Template Request Form
2. Request a copy from old course to template
 Now that you have a place (your template) for you content to go on the new eCampus 9.1 server, we can copy your old content to the template.   Use this form to request a copy of your old course content to be placed in your template: Template Copy Request Form
3. Make updates to your course content in template
Once your course content is located in your template, make updates to course information.
4.  Request a copy from template to Fall course shell
Once content is up to date, use this form to copy from your template to your Fall course shell: Course Copy Request Form
All of these forms are available on the Courses tab in eCampus.  Here is a picture:
(unable to see picture, use this link: picture link)
How long does it take for a course or template copy?
The normal time is 24-48 hours.  During busy time like Return week this can take longer.  If you have placed a request and it is past 48 hours, please call the eCampus Faculty Help Desk and they will help troubleshoot the issue.
Copying Course Content Best Practice:  Create or make changes to eCampus course content in your template.
Then, copy updated content to Fall course shell when complete (or about 2 weeks before the semester begins)
What is a template?  A course shell that is not tied to student registration.  This means no students are added to a template.  You should not add students to your template either.   A template is where you keep a copy of your content that is up to date or where you can make changes as needed without affecting students.   Think of it as your own safe electronic sandbox to create your online course without affecting others.
What is a course shell? Same as a course template but it is tied to student registration information.  Students are automatically added to your course when they register for your class.

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